She said, “It’s nice to go to bed at night knowing you have helped someone.”

“She” was just one of a crew of many volunteers organized by Hope Atmore, program director of Senior Coastsiders, along with Glen Rivera and Tim Clusman, volunteers extraordinaire, who worked diligently with Atmore to make this day work. Work it did — and work it was.

At my house I heard a lot of laughter interspersed with hard work.

The crew of eight assigned to my house for Senior Rehab Day arrived promptly at 8:15 a.m. on June 1, soon to be followed by Sandra Winter, executive director of Senior Coastsiders. After introducing herself and thanking the volunteers for their generous gift of time and energy, she left to visit many other Cañada Cove homes receiving some rehabilitation. Later in the day, if I’m not mistaken, I saw her driving, as well as loading, one of the trash pickup trucks. That is no mean feat.

I’m ready to go to bed and I’m the someone “she” helped today. I’m entering my 90s and the team of volunteers accomplished work I could not do. To all the people who are givers, who are servers in their regular jobs and take the time to do extra giving to make this world a better place, I commend you. We need you. I thank you. To the Senior Coastsiders and its creative programing, I am grateful to you.

Half Moon Bay is a great place to be because of people like you. And to my team of volunteers: Glen, Tim, Cathy, Mike, Famce, John, Frank, Cindy, Grayson and all the trash picker-uppers — you all gave me a tremendous pickup. You will not be forgotten.

— Joyce Eakins, Half Moon Bay

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