I’ve lived Coastside for nearly three decades and the Half Moon Bay Review has never been free during my tenure. As a matter of fact, it was first given as a gift to me from a co-worker as a welcome to the Bay Area.

It’s inconceivable to me that anyone who reads any newspaper (hard or soft/electronic) copy anywhere is ignorant of the costs of doing newspaper business. Advertising and subscriptions are dear to sustaining a quality, hard-working news team. Yes, there were a few years when most newspapers went onto the Internet “free,” but that was quickly found to be unsustainable and cannibalized from the paying subscriptions. Complementary comparable soft (electronic) coverage is an unrealistic expectation that ultimately comes from the same news team that needs to be competitively compensated for their career work. There is not a single provider I know of that is “free” on soft copy; it just doesn’t work. I subscribe to eight different news sources (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Guardian, Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC and Stockwatch).

I don’t agree with all the OpEd pieces so cannot be viewed as conflicted in my note here: The Half Moon Bay Review is a legitimate source of news for the local community. It keeps us informed, and we then go follow and/or get involved with the issues we see as important. I’m happy to see the Half Moon Bay Review surviving the change in ownership and think the new pricing model might be a very inventive thing, indeed. Me? I take hardcopy so we can sit around the counter and talk about the issues, and cut out important announcements for the cork board.  

Thanks to you and all your team for the tireless reporting. We are fortunate they can afford to be here and provide this important community service. 

— Bo Putnam, Half Moon Bay

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