Dear Editor:

On Nov. 15, 1986, Measure T, “the Devil’s Slide bypass-tunnel initiative,” was approved by voters. After chiseling together creative funding partnerships and chipping through 4,440 feet of solid rock, on March 25, 2013, Pacifica found herself reliably connected by a modern tunnel to her sister Coastside cities. Despite the 7-year realization of this connection, there is still no plan for a Highway 1 transit corridor — a public transit bus route from Half Moon Bay to San Francisco — because our local bus operator, SamTrans, is claiming poverty.

A bus corridor acts like a railway (i.e., BART, Caltrain) using road infrastructure for efficient, timely travel. It is a main thoroughfare around which local transit connections are planned. It lets riders know the next bus will come reasonably soon even if they just missed the last one.

The Pacifica City Council formally endorsed the Seamless Transit Principles. These principles support partnering with San Francisco Bay Area transit operators to establish a Highway 1 bus corridor that includes San Mateo coast cities. SamTrans refuses to partner or even acknowledge this first incremental planning step, and refuses to endorse the Seamless Transit Principles.

These are the 7 Seamless Transit Principles:

1. Run all Bay Area transit as one easy-to-use system.

2. Put riders first.

3. Make public transit equitable and accessible to all.

4. Align transit prices to be simple, fair, and affordable.

5. Connect effortlessly with other sustainable transportation.

6. Plan communities and transportation together.

7. Prioritize reforms to create a seamless network.

SamTrans is asking for Coastside feedback during the month of May. To begin chipping away at SamTrans’ refusal to change their views, pick up a chisel by sending SamTrans the message to get on board and endorse the Seamless Transit Principles and formally act on partnering with our municipal leaders to kickoff planning a Highway 1 bus corridor for the San Mateo coast.

Email or write to SamTrans Board, 1250 San Carlos Ave., P.O. Box 3006, San Carlos, CA, 94070-1306.

Rick Nahass


Editor’s note: The principles Nahass suggests were also to be discussed at Tuesday’s Half Moon Bay City Council meeting, after Review print deadlines. City staff is recommending support for the principles.

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