Dear Editor:

We live in the area affected by the three weekend power outages on the South Coast during September. We had ordered solar panels and backup batteries last February. Due to supply shortages, the sytem was just installed three days before the most recent outage. We were away from home that day, but received text alerts about the outage. All our power needs were met with our new system. We had all appliances/lights/water pumps/internet and even use of cellphones. Cell service dropped out a few hours into the outage, but because we had power, and therefore internet, we could just switch over to internet calling on cellphones.

There are many credits (federal/PG&E) available for the systems. I urge everyone to get quotes and consider this option. It is a big financial commitment, but I cannot begin to say what a relief it was to not have to go through yet another outage.

I look at it as investing in our family's security and health. We need reliable power for heat, water pumps, communication.

Helen Paul

Half Moon Bay

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