I would like to suggest a small, relatively inexpensive method of interfacing between pedestrians and bicyclists, especially on the Coastal Trail. Let’s bring back bicycle bells as a means of warning pedestrians of your approach.

This is not meant to imply that bicyclists have permission to mow down pedestrians, but, as a pedestrian recuperating from surgery, I would welcome the short span between a bell and my ability to move myself to the right.

I know that this issue is far larger than this little idea, but if we could manage to ensure that all rental bikes are equipped with a bell, and perhaps get sponsorship from some of the larger companies serving Half Moon Bay, we might be able to stem a little bit of this tide of speeding bikes. In addition, a bell is an attractive object for kids, and might serve as a teachable moment as kids learn to ride their first or second bike.

— Stephanie Lyons, Half Moon Bay

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