I have enjoyed reading the Half Moon Bay Review for over 40 years, since the Bauer family ran things up until now, when the local yokels assumed ownership. To demand payment by forcing one to subscribe because “freedom of the press isn’t free” smacks of elitist BS.

If the current ownership can’t devise a business model that is financially solvent, maybe they should conclude their homey little “we’re locally owned” scenario just isn’t working and sell out to an entity that can. Hell, if Ed Bauer and all the previous owners could make do without forcing people to buy the “free press” for over a hundred years, maybe it’s more than the digital age impacting all print media. Maybe they haven’t got the smarts to make it work.

— Donald Gehre, Fredonia, Ariz.

Editor’s note: While it’s true the Review recently unveiled a new digital membership model, we are not demanding payment from anyone. You are still able to access hmbreview.com for free, in perpetuity if you choose, simply by registering with an email.

That said, we hope you will consider paying a bit to assure you continue to get news and information relevant to the Coastside for another 120 years. We would also note that Mr. Bauer never gave the Review free of charge as the writer suggests (though his successors have online since the dawn of the internet). Suffice to say the media landscape has changed since the 1980s when Mr. Bauer last owned the newspaper. We like to think a good businessman like Mr. Bauer would have asked for your continued support, too.

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