This is not the first time that gas prices have impacted our wallets. This is, however, a time when we can do something about it. Rising inflation and high gas prices are impacting San Mateo County residents and we must take action to mitigate the effects. As County Supervisor, I have been working with the community and local stakeholders to make sure we’re on top of this, but more needs to be done.

We should no longer have to rely on gas-powered vehicles — especially here in the technology capital of the world. More needs be done to ensure that everyone has access to electric vehicles. The benefits stretch from reducing drivers’ cost of gas to making an important and effective contribution to battling climate change.

Peninsula Clean Energy has been doing great work providing our community with renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint. And now is the time to continue our assertive and results-driven leadership to make even more progress! 

As a council member, Peninsula Clean Energy board member and candidate for county supervisor, Laura Parmer-Lohan is committed to taking action on addressing climate change in San Mateo County. Parmer-Lohan has supported an investment of $28 million to install additional accessible charging stations throughout the county over the next three to four years and encourages Peninsula Clean Energy to find additional ways to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. This is why I am supporting her to take my place on the Board of Supervisors. 

Along with advocating for the transition to EVs, Parmer-Lohan is promoting proactive measures to prevent wildfires and reduce the devastating impacts of drought.

For more information on current programs and rebates on Electric Vehicles in San Mateo County, visit:

— Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor

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