I was disappointed to read the Granada Community Services District Board voted to rename the Burnham Strip to Granada Community Park in lieu of Chiguan Park. What a missed opportunity to honor the Ramaytush people who helped create the area in favor of a self-congratulatory title.

It’s laudable that some type of cultural instruction may be included at the new recreation center, but how much more effectively could education of these early natives have been promoted if we might have invoked their name every time we referred to this strip of land, rather than peripherally viewing information on “interpretive signage” along the trail?

Ironically, the Half Moon Bay Review posted in the same week’s edition a story about crowds of Coastsiders celebrating Earth Day. Wouldn’t it have been grand to also read that Coastsiders know how to show our appreciation for those former stewards of land we now hold so dear?

Cheri Duke-Rojas

El Granada


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