Dear Editor:

What a difference a jab makes. Twenty-four little hours and my symptoms were gone. Exactly 20 hours after my first jab, I developed a low-grade fever, ringing in my ears, sore arm, headache and weakness that lasted 24 hours. I was grateful that my symptoms were mild. My second dose is in four weeks. I can hardly wait.

Sending emails to our friends, sharing my good news was sheer joy. Seeing them and sharing laughs is what we miss. Imagine, sitting at a table together playing bridge after dinner. Listening to lively music and dancing — resurrecting the good old days. My husband suggested the possibility of having small dinner parties. There would be strict rules: only four guests at a time and each person would bring their completed vaccination card declaring they had had their recommended jabs.

Next title of our invitation: “Feeling Pricked?” or “Pricks Only?” We both agreed on the latter.

Sandra Barocio

Moss Beach

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