Dear Editor:

There is a major flaw in Jim Larimer’s analysis of the teacher housing issue (Review, Oct. 27). “Since property taxes have never grown annually by more than 2 percent since 1976, public school funding has shrunk by as much as l.5 percent relative to real cost to operate our schools.”

The flaw in this statement is that he is assuming no properties have been sold and reassessed to current value and that no new housing has been added to add to the property tax base. It would be interesting to know what is the turnover rate of housing on the coast?

I would propose we look at the El Granada Elementary School property for a possible solution to teacher housing. Several years ago, when another school bond was on the ballot, there was a comment that if the bond did not pass, El Granada would have to close and merge with Hatch Elementary School. If this is feasible, why not do it? The El Granada property could be developed as affordable housing with priority given to teachers.

Separately, why are we as taxpayers not calling on the state government to reallocate more of the general fund to schools? When the huge state surplus was announced this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom came up with a list of spending items so a refund to taxpayers would not be required. Why were teacher bonuses not on the list?

Blaming older homeowners for the deterioration in our school systems is offensive. Would Larimer prefer seniors trying to remain in their home on retirement savings (earning pennies of interest) and Social Security with minimal annual increases sell and move out of the community?

Helen Paul

Half Moon Bay

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