Sheriff, DA shouldn’t blur lines

Dear Editor:

As a San Mateo County resident in excess of 68 years, I am alarmed, as should my fellow county residents be, by the fact that San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe in their bids for reelection are holding fundraisers for each other and donating money to each other.

Their actions blur the lines established to maintain our system's integrity of checks and balances.

Bolanos' track record of nontransparency and lack of accountability, coupled with this extremely close relationship with Wagstaffe, must be viewed with suspicious eyes. Who do these two men answer to? Who holds them accountable?

First point: The fatal shooting of Sandra Harmon. Where is the file? Bolanos and Wagstaffe have released nothing.

Last point: Barbara Bonilla. Bonilla, a close friend and campaign manager of Bolanos, charged with and convicted of embezzling funds from the Sheriff Activities League over a period of years. No announcement from either Bolanos or Wagstaffe. Do the residents and donors of San Mateo County not deserve to know of this crime?

Bolanos boasts 40-plus years in law enforcement; this in itself proves longevity does not equate to integrity, transparency or trust.

Fred Childs

San Mateo

Corpus plans change in Sheriff’s Office

Dear Editor:

Peter Tokofsky’s article on April 20 describes high-level similarities between the two candidates for San Mateo County Sheriff yet neglects to help readers understand their key differentiators.

Voters will choose between the incumbent’s status quo and the challenger’s pledges of innovative reform. Our Sheriff’s Office grade is 40 percent, according to We rank 28th out of 58 California counties, the 50th percentile. We spend more than 96 percent of counties. Why aren’t our scores in Policing, Accountability, and Racial Disparity just as high?

Voters need to know that Christina Corpus’ plans to improve the Sheriff’s Office will have a direct and positive impact. From reducing reliance on force and Tasers to jail rehabilitation to youth outreach, assisting community members with mental health- and drug-related issues, reducing racial profiling, and rebalancing racial disparity in the department, Corpus’ ideas and tactics go way beyond “similar programs” to the status quo.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Accountability score is 38 percent. Corpus will change that. As Sheriff, she will implement her

two-pronged approach to community oversight: 1.) Regional Community Advisory Boards with community leaders, residents, educators and stakeholders. These boards and the Sheriff’s Office will meet to ensure their programming is effective and relevant. 2.) QR Code Driven Surveys to generate ongoing community feedback after every interaction with Sheriff’s Office employees to be used in performance management. These are two of a comprehensive set of programs to improve our Sheriff’s Office performance.

On June 7, I will vote for Christina Corpus. I want transparent leadership, community involvement, oversight. I vote for management that creates a guardianship culture, invests in continuous training, reduces use of force, and ensures community representation across the Department. What got us here, won’t get us there. Vote for Christina Corpus for County Sheriff.

Amy Kelly Lauer


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Thanks for the facts and figures. We do so desperately need and deserve a Sheriff who values transparency and accountability. Therefore, I too am voting for Christina Corpus.

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