Many thanks to our volunteers

 Dear Editor:

Last week Coastside Hope hosted a volunteer party to recognize and thank all those who have helped support Coastside Hope services and activities over the past year. The Barn proved to be a perfect venue for the occasion with the volunteers mingling with our staff and board. We hope to make this an annual event. 

As readers likely know, Coastside Hope is the designated San Mateo County core agency that provides community assistance for the Midcoast residents living in Half Moon Bay, Moss Beach, El Granada and Montara. We provide necessities such as food, clothing, rental and immigration assistance as well as our Adopt-a-Family program during the holidays. 

We could not provide these services without our great staff and dedicated volunteers who are the foundation of our success and mean the world to us! During the pandemic, our volunteers and staff stepped forward to keep our food distributions running and helped provide the needed services to over 3,500 of our neighbors. 

I am enclosing a picture of the volunteers from our Volunteers Party. We hope other neighbors will recognize their friends and want to volunteer as well. If anyone is interested in joining the Coastside Hope team as a volunteer, please visit our website,, and click on the volunteer tab. 

Michael Montgelas

Coastside Hope board member


Here’s why I’m voting for Mueller

 Dear Editor:

There’s an election in November that’s vitally important to La Honda, Pescadero and other parts of unincorporated San Mateo County — the race for District 3 supervisor. And in this race, I’m supporting Ray Mueller because, of the two candidates, he has demonstrated a better understanding of what a supervisor really does and has shown a greater interest in tackling the challenges that we face in this part of the county.

The supervisor’s job is about delivering services, addressing infrastructure deficits, tackling water system failures and meeting the challenges posed by climate change, including wildfire and drought. Mueller understands this, maybe because he was once the chief of staff for a great county supervisor himself and he’s seen how the job is done. And he’s spent a lot of time here talking to everyone from farmworkers to educators and we’ve all been impressed with how well he listens and how specific, practical and thoughtful he is.

He is progressive on all the key issues and has broad endorsements to demonstrate that. But most important to me, he understands that the priority of a county supervisor is to see that the infrastructure and service needs of all parts of the county are met, including the unincorporated areas like ours that are so often overlooked.

That’s why Ray Mueller has my vote in November.

Kathleen Moazed

La Honda


Caltrans, HMB should work  together

 Dear Editor:

Caltrans and Half Moon Bay miss a wonderful opportunity to show the public how effective roundabouts can be. The south Main Street entrance to the city was the perfect opportunity to install a roundabout instead of a light.

The current plan to add another traffic light at Terrace Avenue is absolutely insane. The entire stretch of Highway 1 from Capistrano Road to Miramontes Point Road should be two lanes each side and have nothing but roundabouts. They are totally effective in Europe and do not stop traffic but merely slow it down. 

Let’s get our City Council and Caltrans working together for a change to make this a reality for our town.

Claudia Marshall 

Half Moon Bay


How about staggering starts?

 Dear Editor:

The Review’s editorial on road congestion and “Transportation Demand Management” (Sept. 21) brings to mind a no-cost “TDM” project that could help the morning commute on the coast.

The Cabrillo Unified School District could stagger morning start times for the middle school and high school. With staggered start times, traffic would flow better on Highway 1 for parents and everyone else trying to get to work.

Gordon Lewin

El Granada

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