Eshoo came through for La Honda

Dear Editor:

When the major road through La Honda was taken out by a landslide in the 2016-17 El Niño storms and three homes were destroyed, we thought we would never be able to get it fixed again or get the homeowners compensated for their losses. But U.S. Rep. Anna Eshoo came through for us, making call after call and writing letters on our behalf to local officials and federal agencies to get us the $3 million that was needed to get our road fixed and the homeowners compensated.

Eshoo was relentless in pushing to get us our money, saying that we “paid our taxes too, and we deserved to get our road fixed.” It wouldn’t have happened without a congresswoman like Anna Eshoo, with her experience and her seniority. She knows how all the levers of government work and she made it work for us, her constituents, when we needed it.

I’ll support her re-election to Congress and I expect a lot of people driving the beautifully restored roads in La Honda will too.

Kathleen Moazed

La Honda


We will never achieve electrification

Dear Editor:

I would like to address the myopic far left residents of our fair city. You proclaim your support of climate change and the elimination of oil, natural gas and coal production without the understanding of the ramifications that would result.

You want to enjoy a state that is fully electric, a concept that is pie-in-the-sky and will be unattainable for centuries.

I wish to inform you that eliminating oil production would be a life-changing catastrophe. Our society is largely dependent on oil production, not just gas engines but literally almost everything you touch. One word: plastics, an inert product that will not transmit electricity.

Plastics are a product of oil without which there would be no fiberglass or the delivery of electricity. You have never seen a bare wire delivering power because that would be dangerous and impossible. Wires for delivery are protected with plastic sheathing. You could not have your pretty little electric toys without the plastic containers for your precious batteries. Even your power pods are plastic, as well as your connectors. You would not have your fiberglass body for your car or interior dash or seat covers or floor covering, even some tires. The roads you drive on are enhanced with plastics because it increases longevity.

You wouldn’t have the steel and metal parts because its fabrication requires smelting the ore removed from the earth and reduced to a molten form by oil or gas or coal.

Your appliances, floors, bathtubs, carpets, walls, TV and almost everything you touch daily are plastics made from oil. And here’s the kicker  — your cellphones would not exist. OMG, how could you possibly survive?

So, maybe you should rethink some things. Our beautiful planet home is a living entity that makes some volcanic expression from time to time and then heals itself miraculously.

It recovered from the Ice Age and the Yucatán Peninsula meteorite impact that essentially destroyed life and vegetation. It healed itself without our help.

So back off and get your head out of your sand box, and let’s get our country back to its productive capabilities and stop this foolishness.

Max Lofland 

Half Moon Bay


Former candidates support Mueller

Dear Editor:

Steven Booker and I were on the campaign trail with Ray Mueller and his current opponent and believe he is the best candidate to represent us in District 3 on the Board of Supervisors. In fact, we have both endorsed him because he is much more experienced than his opponent to ensure that government works for all of us.

Mueller shared our stance of being against the supervisors’ proposed parcel tax. His opponent didn’t. Voting your pocketbook is not something to sneeze at now when there is continued economic uncertainty and working families must do more to make ends meet when the cost of goods like groceries and gas continues to increase.

He has leadership skills that are gained from experience. Being in public office for a decade, versus his opponent’s not even serving one term on her city council, shows a commitment to his community. Making tough decisions and doing the people’s work means that not everyone will like or agree with you. Communicating directly with constituents and stakeholders, instead of through fake polls and identity politics, means being directly in touch with communities and understanding their needs. Gaining the respect of constituents for finding common ground to solve problems comes from doing the work.

Mueller has the experience to represent us and deserves our vote to be our next supervisor. Please vote for Ray Mueller for supervisor.

Virginia Chang Kiraly

Menlo Park


Mueller will improve this county

Dear Editor:

San Mateo County is on its way to a better place. I say this because recently we voted in Sheriff Christina Corpus, who is determined to clean up corruption from the previous administration. Now, Ray Mueller clearly stands out for the position of San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, District 3.

He has a history and an understanding of Coastside needs. Not new to public policy, and with an excellent track record, he has the expertise to bring positive change to our side of the hill.

As I listened to Mueller at various forums, it was clear he is experienced, a creative thinker, and a problem solver. He has specific ideas, and can elaborate on the details. Importantly, Mueller listens and is thoughtful in his responses. I was always impressed at his ideas and how thorough his answers were.

Mueller’s diverse endorsement list speaks to his ability to work successfully with different stakeholders. For instance, he is enthusiastically endorsed by seemingly opposing groups such as the county Farm Bureau, farmers, farmworkers, and environmental groups like the Sierra Club. Unlike his opponent’s more general talking points, Mueller has specific, well thought out plans to deal with the many issues on the Coastside from education, to health care, to agriculture, to the environment and more.

Personally, he is modest and unassuming, yet connects to people in a most authentic way. He is a person of integrity and empathy, which is sadly lacking in politics today. Mueller cares and can get things done.

Rita Jaramillo

La Honda

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