Fine-tuning e-bike regulations

Dear Editor:

I read with much interest the e-bike speed limit article in the Nov. 9 issue of the Review. I am pleased the advisory staff recommends all three classes of e-bikes be allowed on the trails and also recommends a 15 mph speed limit. 

I would add the following suggestions:

▸ The speed limit applies to all types of vehicles including nonpowered bikes, and electric transport such as those single wheel electric devices where the rider stands on a board straddling the wheel, which can go pretty fast. 

▸ Signage be expanded to all the trails. Currently I only know of a couple of 15 mph limit signs.

▸ The limit be reduced to 12 mph. I have cycled thousands of miles on the coast trails, and 15 mph is at the outer limit for safety. There are blind corners along the routes where if you are going 15 mph and someone emerges suddenly going 15 mph in the opposite direction, unless both are observing the keep-to-the-right protocol, conflict can emerge. 

▸ Self-restraint and mindfulness in regard to safety and consideration of others should be promulgated. Informational signs articulating this should be posted along with the speed limit signs.

▸ A top priority should be to do all possible to encourage this ecological means of transport. Besides benefiting carbon emissions, wider use of cycling and other means of transport will reduce the traffic congestion, which is perhaps the top concern for quality of life on the Coastside.

Tom Andersen

El Granada

 Why not use sea salt?

Dear Editor:

I read the article about desalination in California (Review Nov. 16). My question is why isn't the salt sold to one of the salt companies like Morton or Leslie? There are a lot of evaporation ponds around the bay, why not start filling them with higher concentrations of salt? This would keep the "uber-salty brine" out of the ocean.

Delores Williams

Moss Beach

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