Coastside could use more health care

Dear Editor:

It is exciting that Dr. Philip Ngai is interested in coming over to the Coastside. As our senior population increases in Half Moon Bay, we really need more health and medical facilities and supports. Dr. Ngai has been seeing a number of patients from Half Moon Bay and wants to extend his practice here. Being here, patients would not have to go a distance to see their eye doctor.

Raymond Tsang

Half Moon Bay

Editor’s note: Reached by phone, Dr. Ngai confirmed that he was very interested in perhaps extending his practice with an office on the coast.

Give time as well as money

Dear Editor:

We know that Coastside Gives, which comes on May 5, funds many of our nonprofits. It is really important.

You could also give something else that is very valuable — your time. Please consider becoming a docent for the Half Moon Bay History Association. It takes a small amount of time, but the rewards of meeting new people and giving them a taste of Coastside history are immense. For information go to.

Sally Benson

Half Moon Bay

An idea before its time?

Dear Editor:

In regard to your April 13 article headlined, "City hears proposal for aerial tram over Highway 92," what a great idea! Golly gee whiz, I wish that I had suggested this.

Oh wait! I did suggest it more than 10 years ago. It fell on deaf ears.

Dave Worden

Half Moon Bay

Birthday goodwill at Safeway

Dear Editor:

Monday, April 25, was my birthday. I'd saved my errands because I live alone, and being among people seemed more festive than shrugging off the day. In Safeway at Linda Mar I tossed a bag of mini Snickers into my cart. I rarely buy candy but this was my day. Then checking out I asked Mark (Class A checker and super nice guy) if he likes Snickers. "I love Snickers," he said.

"Well, it's my birthday and I want you to have them," I told him, and I handed them over. And we were both feeling festive when the woman behind me said, "Then I'm paying for your groceries."

"Wait, what? You can't!!" Well, she did. Over $49 worth. And I was so taken aback I thanked her clumsily and inadequately. Then not wanting to hold up the line I left the store. When I returned the cart I looked for her, but she was gone. I never even got her name.

If you recall this event then it must have been you. Your generosity was an unexpected gift of joy that keeps giving, reminding me of the luminous effect of random kindness. You lit up my birthday, Samaritan! And the year ahead is brighter for it.

That's a lot to thank you for. If (the paper) prints this, I have a lot to thank them for, too. Just in case, thank you all!

Julie Brinckloe


Editor’s note: In an email to me, Brinckloe said that a dear friend had recently lost her cat. So she donated $50 to Alley Cat Allies, a national nonprofit animal welfare organization, in the cat’s memory and notes she had the extra cash thanks to this good Samaritan.

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