Candidate commits to climate solutions

Dear Editor:

We do not talk enough about life’s most vital resource — water.

Laura Parmer-Lohan, candidate for the San Mateo County Supervisors District 3 seat, will focus on addressing the impacts of climate change. She has signaled her commitment to mitigating the effects of severe drought by advocating for the use of recycled/reclaimed water.

Climate change and a growing understanding of the current distribution of the state’s annual production of freshwater require that there be a reallocation between three essential uses: urban/industrial, agriculture, and maintaining a vibrant environment for all of California’s wild flora and fauna.

Hardening water treatment facilities in the coastal zone against sea level rise and coastal flooding, both consequences of climate change, makes public water infrastructure even more of an issue for those of us living on the coast in San Mateo County.

Based on discussions with Parmer-Lohan and as someone who has been elected to several terms as a director of a coastal public water utility, I am convinced that she understands the issues and will champion the policies needed to meet these challenges!

Jim Larimer


Not another PG&E outage on coast

Dear Editor:

Again? Another non-notified “scheduled outage” by PG&E with a generic resume time. This is the second time in a week’s time and it’s not even hot in the valley yet.

We are very fortunate to have consistent power most of the time, but we pay for consistent power all of the time, and deserve the respect of honest communication from PG&E.

Will we ever get that? Sorry if I sound naïve.

Gary Wood

Half Moon Bay

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