I believe health care is a human right

Dear Editor:

I'm writing concerning George Muteff's letter to the editor on July 13, regarding Gov. Gavin Newsom's signing of a bill to provide health care to all undocumented immigrants in California. (The bill actually extends Medi-Cal to low-income undocumented immigrants ages 26-49; Medi-Cal already covers those younger than 26 and older than 49.)

Perhaps Muteff doesn't agree with me that health care is a human right, whether for people (including children) living in poor countries like Burundi, Afghanistan and Haiti, or for people (including children) living in the United States. Perhaps he doesn't look at public health as global health, as I do, especially during this pandemic. Or maybe he does, and gives to charities that help give medical care to people all over the world. 

California is a rich state and the United States a rich country. Don't we want to take care of all our residents, for their sake and for our own?

Muteff also says Newsom should take care of those of us paying the bills, "you know, us legal residents." Apparently, he is not aware that undocumented immigrants pay taxes, too — as they are required to do. One recent study showed that they pay billions a year in California in state and local taxes alone. So, they're paying the bills, too.

Low-income undocumented immigrants often perform back-breaking and risky jobs (including jobs that expose them to COVID). I think they should have health insurance. The high cost of health insurance, like Muteff's, and of medical care in the United States, is another problem. And we need to fix that, too.

Vaughn Harrison

El Granada


Courting dissent?

Dear Editor:

Welcome to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson! We hope you enjoy writing dissenting opinions.

Nancy Waite

Half Moon Bay


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When did health care become a human right? Health care is a by-product of a strong Capitalist economic system, not a human right! World-class hospitals, medical offices, doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't just pop up from political activists pushing a social welfare agenda

These enterprises exist because someone worked damned hard and created wealth. Lots of wealth!

Regardless of what ignorant pundits and politicians say, almost unimaginabe wealth created by successful forward-thinking entrepreneurs DOES in fact trickle down to benefit everyone. Especially the poor.

Mr. Harrison: If you really want to provide health care to everyone, instead of merely virtue signaling your compassion why don't YOU try building a world class wealth creating business empire so that YOU can build hospitals, fund research universities, medical scholarships, etc?

Tough job and you can't do it? Well someone else can and eventually will! That's called American Capitalism at it's best!

As all entrepreneurs know, talk is cheap. Especially virtue signaling.

Tyler Durden

"...Low-income undocumented immigrants often perform back-breaking and risky jobs (including jobs that expose them to COVID). I think they should have health insurance...."

Okay, then require the employers who hire them provide that health insurance--the employers are the ones benefiting from the cheap, illegal labor. Pass a California law that says all employees must get health insurance as part of their employment, regardless of immigration status.

Why should California taxpayers have to subsidize the law breaking employers' cost of doing business?

Of course those same employers will pass the cost of the health insurance on to you, but so be it. You can stop buying stuff from those employers but unfortunately California taxpayers can't just decide to stop paying for Nuisance's latest virtue-signaling stunt.


Since Mr Harrison was kind enough to make the time and effort to respond to my LTE, the least I can do is respond to his.

While I applaud Mr Harrison’s views, it seems he missed the point entirely. That’s unfortunate. Perhaps I need to work on my communication skills; so I’ll try here now.

My point was/is simple. Everything in life has a cost … including health care. While it is nice to want &/or dream about health care being a “right”, it has a cost and I, for one, don’t believe that CA legal residents should pay the cost for our illegal residents. See, simple.

Now we could all be politically correct and call illegal aliens ‘undocumented immigrants’ – but call them what you like, they are here illegally.

We have seen, over a long period of time, illegals come to the US to give birth so their children are US citizens (14th Amendment). Now we (CA) also provides them with “free” health care; talk about incentive.

I suspect Mr Harrison’s efforts would be much more appropriate if he were to work to on solving our immigration problems and help those illegals become legal. Maybe Mr Harrison can also find the time to address the high cost of health care here in the US. He does, after all, make some good points.

But in the meantime, I do not believe that we, as a state and a nation, should reward illegal activity at our expense.

I have wish lists, too. I would love to see no more wars, no more hunger (domestically and abroad), free (good) education for all, everyone living above - well above the poverty line, real leadership from our elected and so much more.

I hope I am clearer here, regarding the topic of cost, and who pays that cost discussed.

Thank you Mr Harrison for your response, even if it is a short list of whatabouts

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