Governor should be concerned about those here legally

Dear Editor:

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed yet another bill into law that I have a problem with.

Newsom has been clever with some of his antics. He passed out money to Californians just before the recall last year. He’s doing it once again with a gas tax rebate sending up to $1,050 to some households. The checks will be in the mail in October — just before the November election.

But what has my attention now is his signing of a bill that provides free health care for all undocumented immigrants, at our expense.

While it’s great for those here illegally, it is not so great for those of us paying the bill. I have trouble paying my own health care insurance, yet I’m forced to pay for illegal immigrants’ health care?

It seems that Newsom is more interested in his political future than he is with his legally voting constituents, which makes him just another politician in a position of power looking to advance up that old political ladder.

I am absolutely sick to my stomach with the complete lack of real leadership from both parties. The games being played by both parties are costing us all individually and as a nation.

If I had the governor’s ear I’d suggest Newsom take care of those paying the bills and lifting this state — you know, us legal residents. Give us free medical care and concern yourself with undocumented immigrants when they, too, become legal residents. 

George Muteff

San Gregorio

Thanks for the flowers

 Dear Editor:

For the past several

years our Half Moon Bay Main Street has been

graced with the beauty of flowering planters that

hang from posts up and down, and on each side of the street. Each year they add so much color and

interest, but this year they are more spectacular than ever!

I’m grateful to whoever creates these magnificent baskets and to the people who keep them looking

so healthy and lush, and

of course, to our city that recognizes the value of adorning our Main Street with such a joyful expression of nature.

Thank you!

Kris Beckman

Half Moon Bay

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