Not keen on disc golf idea

Dear Editor:

Looking at the plans, followed by walking the property, I can see some issues with plans for a disc golf course in El Granada.

The overlay of the 12 holes indicates that there would be major tree and brush removal. Since the tunnel was opened, everyone wants to visit, because it is a special place. On the weekends traffic is backed up solidly from El Granada to Half Moon Bay in both directions. This park will certainly be discovered! With the internet, nothing is private. The usage might be well underestimated in the proposal.

As a homeowner in El Granada for 35 years, the thought of cars idling with music blaring and people hanging out in front of my house is not consistent with the tranquility and peace of the neighborhood.

More questions:

1. Who will monitor after-hours usage?

2. Will garbage collection every other week be sufficient?

3. Will “volunteers” really appear out of the woodwork to build, clean and maintain the park?

4. I didn’t notice mention of restroom facilities being included. Where will patrons do their business?

5. I wonder what impact this will have on the family of a dozen golden hawks living in the trees above the property?

This might be a good idea to consider on the Burnham Strip Park, where many community use options are being evaluated, but please do not build it in the residential neighborhood of Sonora Avenue. I wonder how long this has been in planning behind the scenes. Since the plans were drawn up in April, I imagine this has been in progress for a year.

I haven’t met anyone in the neighborhood who is in favor of this. Please look for another place to build it!

Warren Haack

El Granada


Building Hyatt would erase habitat Dear Editor:

 Blue herons hover

Dip their beaks at dawn

Voles dive into their 


Good morning fog

 The lot slated for development by Hyatt at the end of Main Street in Half Moon Bay is a critical hunting ground and critical source of fresh water for wildlife in the area. Paving it over creates seven acres of loss of a field where voles pop out of the ground every foot like popcorn.

This creates crowding, encroachment and pressures on our flying friendly predators — free-tailed bats, owls that hoot, owls that screech (two species) endangered humming birds, blue herons, red-tailed hawks. The land is slated to be paved over to bring low-income jobs to town and low-wage workers who can’t be housed.

Let the local schoolkids learn about habitat restoration. Use the lot to plant native plants and improve the habitat. Make it a living classroom, an environmental park that could attract ecotourists rather than drinking tourists.

This is happening in conjunction with the development of Smith Field. It amounts to the use of more of the sensitive coastal wetlands area, increasing human pressures on wildlife, further crowding and eliminating more hunting grounds.

For what? So patrons will increase traffic and eat a few meals in our few local restaurants on a few weekends? Meanwhile, we lose the wildlife and way of life that brings the tourists here.

I would be more ambivalent if the proposed use of the land was housing for our low-income workers. The sacrifice of the seven acres would still be tremendous, but the human value, addressing our unsheltered in the community would make it something worthy.

I am concerned that this planned development at the end of Main Street will tip a critical balance with wildlife while helping very, very few in the community.


Julia Rapoza

Half Moon Bay

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Quarry Park neighbors fought against a pump track at Quarry Park for years. It wasn't until a track local kids built was destroyed that families mobilized and came out in force to tell San Mateo County Parks that they wanted recreation facilities in their parks for their kids. A pump track finally opened last month and my heart was never as warm as seeing literally hundreds of kids of all ages flooding onto that pump track. I hope Mr. Haack's questions are answered and the voice of the community, not just neighbors who oppose change, are heard.

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