Dear Editor:

On March 13, while driving north on Highway 1, three older model Hondas were driving behind me on my way from Highway 92 to Princeton, zigzagging for those few miles. I think they were just being goofy chums, illegally reckless. I didn’t feel harassed, but a car waiting to enter the highway honked at the lead red Honda for swinging wide and close to the waiting car, swerving back and forth before turning left on Capistrano Road.

I was thankful I was driving rather than my wife, as it would have made her nervous. A few hours later, driving south from Montara, a new-ish white Camaro was in front of me very closely hugging a black Lexus and then passed the Lexus, crossing double yellow lines. Within a minute a dark car pulled up behind me, then passed in a left-turn lane, pulled in front of me, hugged the same Lexus and passed that car via the next left-turn lane.

I have seen more reckless and aggressive driving on the coast in the past few years. It’s getting worse. To reiterate, the three incidents described above happened within four hours as witnessed by one reasonable fearless Coastside driver. Infuriatingly, my wife has experienced similar stuff. My bet? There are a lot of other drivers who have witnessed the same, been put at risk, and even been injured in an accident.

I have a suggestion: As our experiences nearly all took place between 5 and 8 p.m. and between Half Moon Bay and Montara, regularly station Sheriff's observer(s) at a couple of points within that corridor, within that time window.

Theron Kabrich

Half Moon Bay

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