Whoever hired San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow should get a raise.

Published San Mateo County infection rates appear statistically unlikely and I urge the county to do whatever is necessary to set up 10-minute COVID-19 pinprick blood testing at every Walgreens and CVS in San Mateo County.

I urge the county to participate in the Amazon Web Services COVID-19 Data Lake, a project to aggregate anonymized COVID-19 data for statistical analysis. If our infection rates are truly as low as reported, it is important to find out why.

I urge San Mateo County supervisors to protect the public by testing all inmates, before they are released, for COVID-19 antibodies using a 10-minute pinprick blood test, and giving them a prerelease three-minute COVID 19 update in English or Spanish.

It is statistically likely that history will show early-release county jail inmates will have had a similar infection rate to county nursing homes —and a role in the infection of homeless populations.

Make city-by-city infection and death data public. In Los Angeles, deaggregated city-by- city and even neighborhood-specific infection data has helped prioritize application of scarce public health assets.

While San Mateo County may have already passed the point where deaggregated city-by-city data can help us slow this epidemic, making city-specific data available would still allow many immune-compromised residents enough information to make decisions that would best protect themselves and their families.

Some studies have shown it is statistically likely that black and Latino victims will die at almost double the rate of other populations. I have yet to see any local COVID-19 public health assets in Spanish, and those communities continue to be at risk.

Dan Stegink


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