Half Moon Bay’s lucky locals are role models for leadership, resilience, positive attitudes and community spirit. Would it make sense for us to follow trends in bigger cities such as Oakland and Palo Alto and declare one day a week, say Sunday, “Pedestrian Only” on Main Street, say from Kelly to Poplar, to support our suffering stores and boost community spirit?

Many places are open, but there’s not much foot traffic. Perhaps if we made it a “social distancing and mask-required” community activity to park our automobiles on side roads and walk or ride along our beloved Main Street, we could encourage people to get out and socialize (we’re all good at waving and eye smiles) as well as support the open businesses such as Cafe Society, Moonside, Half Moon Bay Bakery, etc.

Once some of our restrictions are lifted, we could put some temporary chairs and tables out and people could take away food from It’s Italia and eat in the square European-style, spacing out the tables. Perhaps we could encourage hard-working (and certainly suffering) stores to bring their wares out front to sell. We could boost our businesses and regain some semblance of a “new normalcy” here on the coast. Food for thought.

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