Dear Editor:

I have lived in Montara for 15 years and find the sound of the foghorn soothing, comforting and a true and beautiful signature of what it is like to live here on the northern coast of California. It is a piece of history and is loved by so many people who have settled here years before I came.

I remember when my husband and I bought our house here and we had to sign closing documents that acknowledged that (a) there were foghorn noises here on the coast and (b) that we lived close to the Half Moon Bay Airport and that there would be that noise to live with as well in Montara. We signed and acknowledged that we knew what we were getting into by moving to the coast and we have no problem with either of those “noises.”

I have a feeling that people move to the coast wanting peace and quiet and find the foghorn irritating and find the airplane noise irritating as well. That is clear from being a reader of Nextdoor Montara. There will always be people who complain about foghorns, planes, leaf blowers, the tunnels, tourists coming over the hill and more. Who are these people? Can’t they smell the sea air and feel the beauty of this amazing place where we live?

I sincerely request the U.S. Coast Guard to return our beautiful foghorn to its normal capacity, both on land and sea. And I certainly hope that this “experiment” to please the requests of a few doesn’t do harm to the many and especially those at sea — baffles or not.

Mary McDonald


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I remember when it was a real horn. Like a donkey bray. The old folks were annoyed when it changed to a 'dial tone'.

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