Dear Editor:

I am asking you to support Joaquin Jimenez for Half Moon Bay City Council representative in District 3. He brings something important to the council and the community.

His opponent, Adam Eisen, is a good fellow. I do not know him well, but I have met his family and parents. They are all good people. And I should mention that, in total, the City Council members are solid people with good educational backgrounds and solid careers who have made reasonable decisions these past years. But something is missing in Eisen’s background as well as the backgrounds of the other council members; there is a lack of real knowledge of the struggles, concerns and challenges of approximately 31 percent of our community. Joaquin Jimenez has this knowledge. He has lived it.

For those who do not know Jimenez, he attended local schools and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. His career history includes public school teacher, juvenile probation officer and community worker. Currently, he is a community service worker for ALAS, a very prominent local social services agency. He focuses on a variety of issues including locating jobs for people displaced by the pandemic, organizing and coordinating food programs for those with minimal resources, and advocating for the disadvantaged in our community. He is a person with traditional values and is especially committed to preserving the character of Half Moon Bay. He opposes the Dunes Beach resort, but he wants to see development that creates jobs and strengthens local businesses.

We need Joaquin Jimenez on the City Council. Our total community needs to be served. I urge you to support Joaquin Jimenez for City Council.

Jim Holley

Half Moon Bay

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