The Coastside continues to have three separate sewer districts, all using the same Sewer Authority Mid-coastside plant and, obviously, some shared infrastructure. They don’t agree on who should pay for what and they generally don’t play well together.

The city of Half Moon Bay is proposing a sewer rate increase. (The meeting is scheduled for June 2). The brochure delivered to rate payers includes a chart showing the rate for a single-family goes up 62 percent over four years to $1,344. This is reportedly necessary because the infrastructure needs so much work. SAM plant costs are said to have risen 51 percent in the last three years.

How did that happen? Maybe the focus on suing each other took the collective eye off the maintenance and the budget.

We have all been witness to the ongoing calls from grand juries and the Local Agency Formation Committee to merge the three sanitary districts into one to save money. But none of the politicos involved want to lose grip on any of their fiefdom so nothing happens regarding this important money-saving necessity. This rate increase would be less if the districts unified to operate this critical public facility.

Since we all know utility rate increases are a foregone conclusion, we should at least get a say in how they should stop wasting our money. Write or email to let them know it is time to merge the districts, save the money and get on the public interest page instead of the political power page.

Write with your concerns to City Clerk of Half Moon Bay, 501 Main St., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. You can comment via email by writing to

Chad Hooker

Half Moon Bay

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