Dear Editor:

I object to your statement in your Jan. 6 editorial headlined, “Those of us who believe in science are anxiously awaiting our turn to get vaccinated.” Your statement seems to imply that anyone who would choose otherwise does not “believe in science” like you do.

I have a science and engineering degree from Tufts University, and have been employed as such for the last 35 years. I do not plan to take the vaccine for well-researched, scientifically based reasons. I am joined by scores of highly educated, medically and scientifically trained citizens who have done copious research and share my concerns that the vaccines being offered pose public health risks that we do not wish to take.

My choice is not a political one (and I am a registered Democrat), but rather one based on scientific concern. Informed consent is a cornerstone principle that should be respected for all public health decisions. Believing in science and being concerned about taking the COVID-19 vaccines are not mutually exclusive ideas. Your statement implies that anyone who is not choosing to take the vaccine must be ignorant or foolish.

Well-informed citizens are often on both sides of an issue. In proceedings in courts of law, for example, there are bona fide technical experts who testify on both sides of an argument under litigation. Let’s be respectful of people on both sides of this vaccination discussion so that we can all be well informed.

Stacy Sabol

Moss Beach

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(2) comments

The Forlorn Hope

Thank you Stacy. Anyone else concerned about Clay's George Bush 9/11 moment? "Your either with us, or you're with the terrorist's" seems like common practice and technique these days of tyranny's onset..

John Charles Ullom

Stacy fails to explain her scientific objections. I get the point about how folks are characterized but I learned nothing scientific.

Why would people not take the vaccine? --

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