I saw an article headlined, “San Fran's reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness” on Fox News on Jan. 16. That comes on the heels of an L.A. Magazine story headlined, “CA Reparations Task Force Eyes $500,000 for Descendants of Slavery.”

We’ve been hearing about reparations for several years now, and it makes me wonder.

First of all, we should define reparations. Reparations: Amends, compensation for a wrong, or something that is done. Repair, restoration of something to good condition, or the process of doing this. Do these reparations noted above meet the definition? Are these reparations going to “amend” and/or “repair” history? I would have to question both.

I would add that California was not a slave state, but that means zip when discussing racism, which California and the rest of the country have and continue to exhibit.

As best I can tell, there are two areas that need to be addressed if we are to “repair” history: education and real estate transactions (qualifying for home and business loans). I would add that I see no quick fixes (giving cash), but rather long-term commitments that go directly to education and loans. It will take time, time which politicians don’t have. Perhaps politicians today can set the table for future politicians.

I am curious what others think on this matter. Maybe I’m way off base here. It wouldn’t be the first time.

— George Muteff, San Gregorio

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