Dear Editor:

Thank you for the article in the Aug. 18 newspaper headlined, “State attorney general ends Harmon shooting review,” by August Howell.

At the end of the article, Howell writes: “While the official investigation into the shooting may be over, Harmon’s death has initiated conversations among city officials about its contract with the Sheriff’s Office. The City Council established a public safety subcommittee and is considering measures such as a hybrid model for unarmed responses to non-violent calls.”

I welcome these efforts on the part of the City Council. However, I hope and believe that all of them have not forgotten, not only Sandra Harmon, but also Yanira Serrano, an 18-year-old girl with mental illness who was shot and killed by a Sheriff’s deputy in Half Moon Bay in June 2014. Yanira is still mourned by her family and our local community. Her likeness may be seen on a painting erected behind Our Lady of the Pillar Catholic Church, and her memory is embodied in the Yanira Serrano Presente Program, which was presented to the City Council in June 2020.

I hope there will be no more sad events like the deaths of Sandra Harmon and Yanira Serrano on the Coastside.

Vaughn Harrison

El Granada

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The tragic death of Yanira Serrano didn't occur "in Half Moon Bay." Her death occurred south of Half Moon Bay City limits. Any changes that the City of Half Moon Bay may make to their contract with the SMCSO would have no effect on events outside of city limits.

John Charles Ullom

It's going top take a lot more than hope to change the comply or die attitude of our police forces.

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