On behalf of all Hatch Elementary School teachers, I would like to respond to the article headlined, “Proposed busing cut for low-income elementary students sparks debate” (Review, Feb. 5).

Hatch teachers take a strong stance in stating: We welcome students of all races, backgrounds and home languages. We are passionate about social justice. We are, and have always been, a diverse staff serving a diverse population.

Hatch teachers’ advocacy for student equity is intended to level the playing field for all. This includes nutrition support, transportation, and educational resources.

We work with our whole hearts to give the best education we can to all of our students.

We will continue to advocate for resources to promote equity for all Coastside students.

Shannon Murray

Hatch Elementary School teacher

Editor’s note: This letter originally was addressed from all Hatch teachers. In keeping with Review policy, we asked for a single signature.

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Thank you Hatch teachers and others for your words at the board meeting last night on these issues. You’re a huge part of the heart of this community and it does not go unnoticed.


SIPA (Spanish Immersion Parents Association) welcomes Moonridge students to Hatch Elementary School. These students are geographically part of our area, and also these Spanish first language children deserve the opportunity to enroll in our district Two Way Bilingual Immersion Program that begins at Hatch. Enrolling Moonridge students in the Immersion Pathway not only gives these kids the opportunity to learn to read write and speak in both English and Spanish (opening doors for bilingual careers), but the closer proximity to school and bilingual teachers will increase parent engagement. Having more Spanish First Language children in the program also opens up more spaces for English first language children, so it is a win for allfamilies who want this opportunity for their kids. Enrollment is down district wide, and we have room in our school and our hearts for these students at Hatch (whether they choose Immersion or Traditional pathways) It is a shame that the Review prints articles such as this one.

August West

"student equity"

Utterly meaningless social justice nonsense.

All members of the community can attend the school. There is nothing more to do to create "equity."

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