Dear Editor:

I read with horror the recent article in the Review about the potential adoption of a “reach code” regarding natural gas appliances.

While I can understand the allure to do something “cutting edge,” I am concerned that the City Council is even considering this idea without being fully educated in the very complex scientific analysis and information regarding electricity vs. natural gas usage.

More to the immediate point: Anyone who is honest with him/herself has to admit that PG&E electrical service is destined to become less dependable before it reaches a sustainable level of service. Why would anyone think that this will take less than several decades?

Over the years, the Coastside has had more than our share of storm-related power outages. Add to this the new necessity of planned outages designed to mitigate wildfires, and the misery increases. Why would anyone choose to prematurely convert to 100 percent dependence on an antiquated, inadequate grid/overhead wires system of delivery?

Please don’t let the lure of “reach codes” turn into “council overreach.” If you wish to become involved in this issue, please put your efforts behind a push to encourage an accelerated and improved level of PG&E performance.

Nina Feero

Half Moon Bay

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The prior comment about the unreliability of PG&E is critical. The recent example of Texas is a cautionary tale. As admirable as it is to want to help address the Climate Crisis, and to lead, HMB is NOT the place to begin this experiment. Until other cities and towns with better infrastructure have tried this experiment, and there are lessons learned, and guidance and resources from the County and State (and maybe the Feds), HMB is not the place to pioneer something so risky to the health and safety of its residents.

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