It is rare these days to get equal coverage over any news. Thank you for your coverage of both student walk outs at the high school. As an administrator with 25 years of experience in the public school system I have seen my share of gun violence on campus. I was a student teacher at the University of the Pacific when Patrick Purdy shot up Cleveland Elementary School in 1989. I am also smart enough to understand the difference between a school shooting by the mentally ill and the responsible actions put forth by the National Rifle Association. I am a lifetime member of the NRA as are hundreds of ranchers, farmers, and hunters in Half Moon Bay. We are extremely proud of the students that walked out in defense of our Second Amendment. 

I know many of these students as they attended Hatch Elementary School when I was principal. I know the respect that these students have for our rule of law. I know the time and responsibility put forth by their parents in teaching them to respect firearms, and use them appropriately. I encourage them to continue to fight for their conservative values. The fact that the principal, superintendent or school board did not "sanction" this walkout makes it even more meaningful. In response, I have dedicated $10,000 to the NRA as a tribute to these students. Well done.

Mark W. Loos

Half Moon Bay

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