Dear Editor:

So, it’s Christmas Day, and I’m now inspired to write this, which I have been considering for months.

I think the Review is just excellent and check in frequently to learn what’s going on locally, as I’m sure a whole lot of my fellow Coastsiders do, too. You are a valued news source for me (my local CNN). You’ve earned my trust.

But I feel that something is missing, and that has to do with where the most urgent, current and pressing needs are in our community in these tough times. I don’t know how to readily access that information.

Sure, I hear anecdotal stories, but it’s hit-and-miss, and I’m hoping for more context. To be clear, I’m talking about which organizations need help with food, shelter, clothing and just good old cash. That’s because I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people here prepared to step up and help out, but maybe not too sure where the urgent needs are, who to trust, and how to help.

So then back to the trust thing, a key component which I maintain you have.

Do you think it could be possible to provide some sort of ongoing guidance, a community pulse if you will, like a go-to summary of needs, for people who are ready to act?

Dean Skelton


Editor’s note: We’ve begun a discussion with Skelton in hopes of better understanding what he thinks we need. And we thank him for his thoughts.

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