Our coverage of concerns of a measles epidemic included a lively discussion online. Most of it supported vaccinations.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to cover vaccination, vaccination rates and our completely preventable measles outbreaks. And thanks to the grand jury for providing a well-researched and thoughtful product in the face of fear mongering from the anti-vaccine activist camp.

“The Centers for Disease control and prevention actually recommends a vaccination rate of 95 percent to protect community members, especially those that are unable to receive vaccination due to a verifiable medical condition. A June 17, 2019, article in Wired points to this fact and much more.

“Perhaps most concerning is that once personal belief exemptions were eliminated in California, the rate of permanent medical exemptions rose steadily from 0.2 to 0.9 percent and is continuing to climb. This provides evidence that a significant number of medical doctors in California share responsibility in enabling vaccine denialism, and are helping to put completely unsubstantiated superstition above public health and the lives of at-risk Californians. The article points out that one of the highest vaccination rates in the state is Watsonville, while some of the states much more wealthy enclaves in Los Angeles and San Francisco achieve much poorer rates.”

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