We must stop this electrification ordinance now!

I can’t agree more with Steve Hyman and his article in the Nov. 3 Review. The article is concise and full of common sense. How are our lives improved when our life-sustaining options are diminished?

Many folks are living now on fixed incomes and cannot afford these coming replacement costs. Did any councilmember go house to house and ask the residents and voters if they actually want this draconian edict?

I understand they have difficult decisions to make; their time should be better spent than this.

The only community building that will come from this nonsense is when we all gather on our blocks to burn our remaining furniture pieces as we gather to stay warm.

Gary Wood

Half Moon Bay

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Cid Young

The City Council is Virtue Signaling (or waving about a Green flag) but, while there might be a virtuous reason behind phasing out natural gas usage over time, the abrupt "No phasing-in" plan they have put forth, with NO SOLUTION to subsidize their "virtue" by placing some sort of Financial Assistance for the lower income (or fixed income) resident homeowners in the community into the proposed ordinance is catamount to saying 'We're a Community of Coastal Elites, and if you can't afford to pay the price to live here, then move!".

Should this pass as worded, I foresee another Real Estate disclosure in the packet that now must spell out the HMB ELECTRIFICATION ORDINANCE and it's burden on the future sellers or buyers. It will be a great negotiating tool to force a seller to lower their price when a buyer wants them to split the burden of upgrading to all-electric, or they will purchase in a home in community that has no such ordinance.

They need to take their foot off the accelerator and find better ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the more immediate future.

Like, fixing the idling TRAFFIC that is polluting the HM Bay air for example. Where is their focus on that decades old problem? Oh, let's out in yet more traffic signals!

Marcus V

Mandatory electrification is a terrible idea, full stop. The nonsense about indoor pollution and so-called evidence citing things like asthma and respiratory illness sounds like a classic case of correlation and causation slight of hand.

Cooking on a gas range is safe, and the amount of extra emissions from the fuel itself is miniscule when compared to the, oh I don't know, smoke from a burning hamburger.

Use some common sense people, and don't be fooled by people with some silly agenda. Gas cooking is safe, & mandatory conversion to electricity is a stupid idea, being promoted by people with zero common sense, who can't think beyond their own narrow interpretation of how things should be.

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