Dear Editor:

The unmitigated gall of a small group of people (I’m talking to you, Half Moon Bay City Council) taking it upon themselves to dictate to our community that future building shall be all electric. It boggles the mind.

It recalls the old adage, paraphrased, that if you give little people a little power they will abuse it absolutely. We have an electrical grid that is overtaxed as is. One little glitch and we are in darkness. They only see the end of the story instead of the whole picture. Electricity must be manufactured; gas just needs to be delivered. So how is electricity created? By generation plants using gas or coal. Hydroelectric, solar cells or windmills are inadequate. We are beyond the point of generation by a metal key on a wire in a lightning storm. That’s the level of their thinking.

I believe that they overstep their responsibility of representing the people that elected them to serve the people. They should be responding to the needs of the people, such as building bridges that are in disrepair or dredging creeks that overflow or street repair or many other things that go unattended, not building unused trails going nowhere or single-handedly addressing the scam of global warming or climate change.

It’s time to recall this malfunctioning group and get some new blood in there that may have a better grasp of reality.

Max Lofland

Half Moon Bay

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Well, we can agree with much of that letter, not all of it. Still he makes a point that the current Council has members who are pursuing their own agendas and not representing the views or interests of their constituents. Recalls are expensive. Elections are this year. HMB needs new candidates for the Council. And wait until the City hears about the sewer problems caused by HMB and the lawsuit...

John Charles Ullom

"Council has members who are pursuing their own agendas and not representing the views or interests of their constituents."

1: When was there ever a political body comprised of politicians that didn't pursue their own agendas?

2: They might not represent your views but they do represent the views of a significant portion of the voters.

3: See the above and apply to your interests

There isn't a statement more useless then somebody claiming they know what the people want. If somebody really knew what the people wanted, they could write a book and make a billon.

On the other hand, they are committed Paternalists. You got that part right.

John Gruver

Well, it was tough but I managed to read this letter. The entire time, and now even, Bernard Kliban's Cat Words #4 keeps rolling around in my head...


*not widely used

John Charles Ullom

"...or single-handedly addressing the scam of global warming or climate change."

This guy was making some sense up until he goes full blown unmitigable. Global Warming is not a Chinese Hoax. Tornada, in December, in Minnesota, is indicative of something. I grew up there. Never ever was there a tornado in December, until last year.

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