As I sit here, weak and weary from sheltering in place, social distancing and masking up, my thoughts turn to the almost-forgotten pleasures of the open road. Which leads to my two most recent daydream projects:

Require all vehicles coming to the Midcoast to have scannable Fast Passes (as at all Bay Area bridge tollgates). Cameras would monitor traffic entering via Highway 1 (north and south) and Highway 92, with discounts or free entry for local residents, workers, service and delivery trucks, etc. Cameras would capture scofflaws’ license plates and faces, then mail them a traffic ticket. Some version of this concept would greatly help with coastal overcrowding and help generate revenue for our struggling economy.

Run fast SamTrans express buses on Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and Colma BART (no side-street meandering), stopping only at major junctions (Miramar, El Granada/Princeton, Moss Beach, Montara, Devil’s Slide, Linda Mar, Rockaway, Reina del Mar, Sharp Park/Eureka Square freeway turnout, Pacific Manor/Milagra freeway turnout). A version of this concept already exists in SamTrans’ master plan.

Glad to share these pipe dreams with your readers in these times of limited horizons. Hope we all can get out there soon and make the Coastside great again!

John Maybury

Moss Beach

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