It has been a week since Arunay Pruthi was swept away at Cowell Ranch State Beach. Eight days before that, a woman was swept out at a Pescadero beach. If we choose to keep our beaches open when we know conditions are not safe, then people will still go to them.

We should do more to try and prevent these tragedies. Some ideas I’ve heard folks mention are better signage, flags for current surf conditions and more lifeguards and rangers. Last weekend was gorgeous and lots of people were at the beaches, regardless of it being winter during a pandemic. It could have been any of us, or someone we care about.

Elli Zigenis-Carniglia

Half Moon Bay

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Scott McVicker

There are risks in life. The use of the automobiles (which transported the mentioned to the beach) carried risks. There are beasts in the ocean which will, if presented with the opportunity, eat you. Some of these deaths are random. Some are the result of lack of due consideration and/or lack of appropriate caution.

Your personal assessment of the risks you are willing to take defines a boundary to your existence. We are each free to make our own decisions...and our own mistakes. It is NOT Society's responsibility to be the helicopter parent...and “protect” us from every danger. Or to “caution” us against every conceivable negative outcome. Such over-reach leads to a weak Society.

Each individual in a free Society possesses “personal agency”...and, as such, is required to embrace personal responsibility for his/her actions. Poor outcomes are, fortunately, rare. When they happen, you may feel empathy for those who are lost and their survivors. Try to no confuse your empathy with a need to place unnecessary strictures on those whose risk tolerance is different than you own.

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