Dear Editor:

Having read two articles in the May 26 issue of the Review, one headlined, “School leaders keep eye on declining births” and another, “Picasso Preschool seeks new location,” I thought of a solution to solve both their dilemmas.

Cabrillo Unified School District projects to have 347 fewer students in the coming five years.

A solution would be for the district to lease preschool business owner Candise D’Acquisto’s space for Picasso Preschool. The school classrooms are ideally suited for a preschool.

Another vexing problem for schools is having their teaching staff find housing affordable on the low teachers’ salaries. A solution for this would be to convert the classrooms no longer needed by the declining student population into apartments that could be leased by the teachers employed at each school. Such a solution would enable the teachers to have a two-minute walking commute to work. They could prepare the next day’s lesson plan at their classroom desk if they so desired.

And all the carbon emissions they now emit commuting to work would be eliminated.

Another problem with schools is the traffic congestion and associated carbon emissions transporting the students to and from the schools. A plan described in the book “The Blue Zones Solution,” written by Dan Buettner, is the walking school bus. Students walk to school in the company of a number of available adults with additional students and adults joining the group such that they all walk together as a group, and reverse the process going home. The result is no carbon emissions, and healthier students and adults.

Tom Andersen

El Granada

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