Our top story tonight occurred at the recent Midcoast Community Council meeting, after the bike and dog people left. There was a hint it was coming, because Supervisor Don Horsley was in attendance, and because Half Moon Bay Councilman Harvey Rarback mentioned his city’s discussions about turning the entire coast into a single city, and you know he doesn’t do that unless Horsley has primed him to entertain that thought.

What happened next was more subtle. A series of county officers presented a draft of the executive summary of the long-awaited Comprehensive Transportation Management Plan. Buried in a bunch of tables were not one, not two, but up to four roundabouts to be installed on what we currently call “Highway” 1. Plus, there would be a couple of more “traffic calming” installations in Moss Beach and Montara, which will mean I’ll never shop in Half Moon Bay again, but have to go north to Pacifica.

The “Highway” will become a residential back road. And what are the reasons for those roundabouts, as detailed in Table 1? Big Wave and the hundreds of people added in the Mid-Pen Cypress Point dense housing project in Moss Beach. But wait, there’s more…

After that veiled bombshell, the county introduced a consultant facilitator for the MCC to use, at no cost, in pursuing community alignment. The MCC board had difficulty understanding why we’re spending taxpayer dollars for someone from “Common Knowledge” to get everyone talking, and what the priority deliverables were. That is, until, in response to my question from the audience: “Who hired this firm, and why? And why do they ‘need to get started quickly’?”

“I hired them to resolve the housing issues,” Horsley answered. And in later discussion he said: “I never want to attend another meeting where I get screamed at.”

So, there you have it. Horsley is greasing the skids for housing projects that will undermine the water and fire security of our region, bring traffic down to 23 mph, and burden our infrastructure while making us pay for it. He wants the consultants to get us to swallow the traffic plans, which are required to support those population expansions. And he is so confident that the Local Coastal Program amendment on Jan. 22 in Half Moon Bay (which will prevent appeal of the Cypress Point project) is going to pass, that he’s authorized release of traffic plans – herein after called “DISCONNECT The Coastside,” featuring a series of Great Barrier Roundabouts.

Gregg Dieguez


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