Dear Editor:

The Half Moon Bay City Council does not get it. For those who voted for electrification you have lost my vote and I would support a recall.

Frankly, the City Council is passing an ordinance that is a “feel-good” for the council, the cost of which will be borne by the residents of Half Moon Bay. Those costs are not feel-good and many will have a hard time paying them. Some may not be able to afford them. A ballot measure would be a better way to handle this. Let those who pay the taxes decide.

The irony is that the increase in electrical demand will in all likelihood be provided by natural gas-fired plants, and electrification in Half Moon Bay will be a no net gain for the environment, and at what cost to the community?

The council could learn a lesson from Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was being interviewed by a reporter when a large group of people walked by. The reporter asked if Gandhi knew who they were. He replied, “Those are my people, I am their leader and I must follow them.” I don’t know if this story is true or not, however the message is one to be heeded by any leader.

Harry Ysselstein

Half Moon Bay

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