Dear Editor:

I urge the city of Half Moon Bay to refuse the measure called an electrification ordinance. The main effect of the ordinance is to launch the collapse of the existing natural gas service to the community by forbidding new and upgraded gas service.

The activity of shutting down the community natural gas service is destructive and primarily benefits PG&E because it extends the PG&E monopoly on energy service.

Arguments against this ordinance:

- The electrification ordinance will not decrease the total CO2 emitted. Instead of burning gas in a home furnace, more gas will be burned in a natural gas-fueled steam turbine peaking plant located somewhere between us and the Buttonwillow gas fields.

- The company named Peninsula Clean Energy is a misnomer. No energy is clean. Natural gas burned in a heater in Half Moon Bay and natural gas burned in steam turbine peaking plant emit the same global warming gas pollutants. The turbine probably uses more fuel due to Carnot cycle temperature limits.

- PG&E is seeking a energy supply monopoly. Management and marketing consultants around 1990 figured out that the purpose of business is to make customers. They are having fun corralling consumers before the consumers realize they have been roped and tied, as the rodeo riders say. About 22 years ago there was a rumor of a natural gas electricity generating fuel cell that would be the size of a refrigerator. One reason for cities like Half Moon Bay to shut off natural gas service might be related to the expiration of patents related to such a device.

PG&E marketing managers and legal staff have brilliantly pivoted to selling “clean” energy through Peninsula Clean Energy. With sympathy to PG&E, they are dealing with the wrong end of the horse. The beautiful planet Venus, in our sunset skies every night lately is the 93 percent CO2, 400-degree example of why we must cut CO2 emissions now.

Americans emit 12 to 16 metric tons of fossil fuel CO2 per person every year. We need to cut our pollution footprint to 1/8 or 1/6 of present levels. Sharp integer reductions mean the need for culture-wide psychological and social support.

You can get a free book by CalTech and Oxford-trained David JC MacKay detailing the problems at: Tragically, the author of this consistent and sane overview of the energy problems died five years ago.

Lee McKusick

El Granada

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