Dear Editor:

The virtue signaling on Half Moon Bay City Hall exterior walls is offensive and appears as a public billboard on taxpayer-funded public property.

Are these politically based statements? If so, then they reflect the acceptance by the city of Half Moon Bay and its citizens as their stated positions. If not politically based statements, then these announcements are slogans (graffiti) and nothing more than virtue signaling. If this is the case, then other slogans/graffiti must be allowed space on City Hall.

Is the City Council ready to approve more slogans/graffiti? If not, these slogans are illegal and must be removed. If the slogans/graffiti are permitted, I have one I would like to add to a vacant City Hall wall.

Otherwise, citizens are free to place or advertise their personal opinions on their homes or businesses as they wish.

These slogans should not be on taxpayer-funded public property.

Jo Ann Arvidson

Half Moon Bay

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Scott McVicker

Ms. Arvidson... We did express similar objections before the stain was placed on City Hall. Council voted 5-0 to go ahead.

Eisen is gone, Harvey had no opposition. That leaves three to still be shown the door...because they were/are unable to differentiate between personal views and public positions. Thank you for your post.

John Charles Ullom

"Otherwise, citizens are free to place or advertise their personal opinions on their homes or businesses as they wish."

That is already the case. Paint a slogan that expresses your righteous anger on your home. Put a sign in the yard. Wear a T-shirt. Whatever.

The Feds print a silly slogan on every denomination of money. They do so with out my permission. The slogan is flat out stupid.

"In God We Trust" is a slogan. I don't trust God to do anything for me. God created free beings. We are on our own. But somebody decided to print the slogan on my money promoting their notion that we trust God. Should I be as angry as Ms. Arvidson?

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