The hard times of living during this pandemic just got harder. As a result of COVID-19, I have been unemployed since March of last year. Just like most people living on unemployment, life has been tough to say the least.

With my extra time, I have managed to put together a business plan for a job that I will be able to do entirely from my home. After three months of filing items with the state and government, my final step was to obtain a business license from the city. I have read on numerous webpages that the cost of a business license typically ranges from $50-$100. Sounds pretty fair, right? That was nowhere near the ballpark of what Half Moon Bay charged me. I paid $292!

My heart dropped when I read the email. How can I start a successful small business with fees this high? With all of the adversity we have faced over the past year, this just adds salt to the still open wound.

Tony Girard

Half Moon Bay

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John Charles Ullom

You fail to understand your role in the scheme of things. There are about 40 fulltime city employees making on average well North of 100K plus benefits, (really good benefits), that need need to be paid. There are lawyers that need to be paid. There is an unpaid for obligation to CALPERS that has to be paid. There is a library loan that needs to be paid. There is a new loan @ 13K per month for 30 years that has to be paid.

Money has to be set aside in case the City Manger decides to go on sabbatical. The last time that happened cost us 200K. There are bragging rights that need to be documented with a 50K plaque. There are houses we need to buy, the last one cost us 980 grand. We still haven't put a cable in the fiberoptic trench we paid over 100K to dig. We have a redundant emergency operations center that needs to be paid for. Horsley House for the Homeless took a couple hundred grand per year off the table. We just paid off an interest only for 10 years loan @ 6.some % that cost us 10 million before we paid a dime on principle. Somebody has to pay for that. We own two lots behind the Lutheran Church that we paid over 500K to the Lutherans for. Both lots are old dump sites that are valued by lovers of Red Legged Frogs so nothing can be done with them.

Do you now understand your place in the scheme of things? Do you require more examples? You should thank the City for the privilege.

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