Dear Editor:

I suggest there is an alternative to the path that may be taken by San Mateo County supervisors and others in this community.

While I cannot say precisely how many are counted as homeless in Half Moon Bay, it appears that a close number is 70. I believe that if quite nice accommodations for the homeless, like a former motel room, were made available, the number of homeless would increase well above the current number.

There seem to be two main positions with respect to housing the homeless in Half Moon Bay: those in favor of motels being purchased to provide the shelter they need, and those who oppose the plan to purchase motels to provide such housing.

There may well be an alternative to the purchase of the motels. There are many churches and synagogues. And this season of special giving is high on the list of wishes for the religious of all faiths. Perhaps the religious can step in to provide the necessary shelter for the homeless. If each were to provide some space on its properties for the building of a shelter with adequate restroom and shower facilities on the church/synagogue property, enough accommodations could be provided to house all of the homeless of Half Moon Bay without the need to spend any of the disputed County money for those accommodations. The generosity and concern of the religious ought to fully accommodate all of those in need at this time — and in the future. After all, there are 12 churches in Half Moon Bay. More than enough when some of those would surely be able to provide a shelter for more than one of the homeless persons.

Jim Wilkerson

Half Moon Bay

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