Social Distancing is a new phrase in our culture. Avoid crowds, don’t get near other people. Will big churches close?

The NBA, NHL, March Madness, soccer and now MLB have ended their seasons. And baseball hasn’t even started. Shucks! I had tickets to opening day, Giants vs Dodgers, thanks to a friend. Spring training has been cancelled. So have my writing clubs. And the stock market had its worst day in 30 years. Tests? What tests? How did America fail? Schools are closing, Broadway, New Rochelle, N.Y., Las Vegas. Weddings cancelled. Disneyland closed?

America will never be the same … until it will. Fear not. Joy is coming. The sun will shine. And children will once again play in the park and wrestle.

I was quarantined for six weeks when I was in the Veterans Administration hospital in Palo Alto last year. That was no fun. Eventually, my health returned. Thank God and the doctor’s and nurses.

Stay healthy, wash your hands many times a day and don’t hug anyone. Except your wife.

Norm Coleman

Half Moon Bay

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