Dear Editor:

Our Coastside Farmers Market is on its winter hiatus now, and I want to take this opportunity to thank all the many people involved in its creation and success.

Thank you, Erin Tormey, for starting our very own farmers market here in Half Moon Bay in 2002. It has grown through the nearly 20 years into a dependable and successful market and has become a key social hub for many. Every year we can count on the reliability of safe, seasonal food, certifiably grown by local and a few out-of-town farmers. We have also enjoyed the culinary goods of many local artisans and works by local artists.

Over the past two years, as the pandemic has changed most all of our lifestyles and habits, Tormey has managed to keep the farmers markets here in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica safe places to shop for healthy food.

A big thank you to Erin, Colleen Granahan, Lewis, Bella and Vasa, along with the many volunteers who have been there to help keep safety protocols in place so that we can continue benefiting from all the market has to offer.

Thank you, too, of course, to all the farmers and workers who bring their produce and goods to the markets each week. Growing and making food is tough work, and bringing it into market every week, in all kinds of weather, is not easy.

So, thank you, thank you to all who make our local farmers markets possible.

Looking forward to seeing you on this year's opening day, April 2.

Kris Beckman

Half Moon Bay

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