Dear Editor:

I received an email recently from a "Wanda Muscle" alleging that Tom Mattusch, who is running for reelection to the Harbor District, is a proponent of big game hunting, along with some lurid pictures. A quick google search reveals that there is no such person as "Wanda Muscle.” The only earthly trace of Ms. Muscle is a Twitter account that was suspended for violating Twitter's rules of service.

I can only conclude that this was sent out by someone looking to torpedo Mr. Mattusch's bid for reelection to the Harbor District from the shelter of a pseudonym. While I am not a huge fan of big game hunting, I am even less a fan of this brand of “dirty tricks” politicking, putting out negative personal information (maybe true, maybe not) about a candidate to voters while hiding behind a screen of anonymity in order to hide any less-than-pure motives.

Let this serve as a reminder to check any info that will influence your voting. Remember — anyone can put anything on the internet.

Jenny Skoble


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