Dear Editor:

Steve Hyman should wake up and smell the climate change (Review, Nov. 3). The August 2021 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report confirms, “The observed increases (in climate change) are unequivocally caused by human activities” that have and are changing Earth’s climate and it’s getting worse. Humans simply must reduce and ultimately eliminate production and use of fossil fuels or leave our grandchildren an eventually uninhabitable hell on earth. If you’re under 50, odds are high you will see heretofore unimaginable harmful climate changes; if you’re 20, it is certain unless drastic measures are taken — now.

Yes, it will be expensive. Saving the world usually is. We replaced our gas water heater with an electric hybrid; we needed a new heater anyway, but we already had the circuits in place for it. The new one heats water fine, the electric bill has gone up but the gas bill down. It was a tiny step, a preview of many more necessary steps. Replacing other gas appliances will be more costly, but needs to be done. Unless we switch to clean renewable energy as soon as possible, climate change will punish everyone for our selfish indolence.

We can’t worry about recouping the investment because no other choice is tenable, and it’s getting worse literally every day. What do we tell our grandchildren and great-grandchildren? We knew it was happening, but slowing world catastrophe was just too expensive? We wouldn’t alter our lifestyle in any way for a future we won’t see? There was “no economic benefit”? Sorry kids, you’ll just have to learn to live with it, if you can. That’s absurd.

We have the knowledge and tools to head off or lessen catastrophe, for a short while yet. Or will we choose to let our collective ship sink?

Matthew Clark

El Granada

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Steve Hyman

No question global warming is partially caused by human activity. And there’s been a lot of human activity over the past 50 years with earths population doubling from almost 4 billion people in 1970 to almost 8 billion now with the two largest polluting countries have almost 3 billion people.

If you really want to get serious about this, impose a pollution tariff on China and India still they clean up their countries. That will make the biggest contribution.

What the City Council is proposing won’t have any impact except on people’s wallets

John Charles Ullom

China and India?: --

Per citizen, we are by far the largest contributor. A pollution tariff is a tax that consumers will pay. Telling them to "clean up" their countries is funny when the West exports garbage to so many third world nations. None of us in America are in a position to preach green at them. And who would pay for this supposed clean up? American consumers would because the price of all the swag we buy would increase.

"....with the two largest polluting countries have almost 3 billion people."

Well, that sort of makes sense does it not? I mean, if there are so many of them compared to us, of course the aggregated amount of pollution would be higher. 300 or so million of us vs 3 billion of them. Yet we still come third in the amount of CO2 emitted and blow them all away when it comes to energy consumption per capita.

"...population doubling from almost 4 billion people in 1970 to almost 8 billion now..."

China had a one family one child policy for most of that time. Are you sure you want to blame the Chinese?

Do you have any idea of how poor people in India and China were only twenty years ago as opposed to today? Both nations have pulled more people out of poverty than there are Americans and they did it in a short period of time. Are we in any kind of position to tell anybody they need to step up and slow their economies so that we can keep gas appliances?

I agree with your sentiment Steve when it comes to Feel Good Suburban Notions of Environmentalism. The City council could vastly more impact the amount of CO2 emitted from our little bit of paradise simply by eliminating the Pumpkin Festival and maybe a $100 per ton tariff, oops I mean tax, on imported gourds.

Blaming it on birth rates is spot on. But you can't blame that just on India and no way can you fault the Chinese for not trying. Forced abortions are pretty radical. I blame it on religions that forbid birth control, societies that don't empower their women, and god help me in the age of infection dominated us vs them-ism, vaccinations.

Calling out China and India? Come on man!! You need to turn your radio dial to something other than AM 860 for at least a few hours per day. You are starting to sound like Sebastian Gorka and he's an idiot's idiot.

John Charles Ullom

"We replaced our gas water heater with an electric hybrid; we needed a new heater anyway, but we already had the circuits in place for it. "

I live in a trailer built in 1973. I have had to replace the gas water heater twice. They don't make good ones for trailer trash.

Mathew. Do you have any idea of how much it will cost me to upgrade to electric? I know, I know, people like me. Still there are more than a few of us who work jobs that need to be done but don't pay very well.

I'll need to upgrade my power delivery because as of now, the circuit breakers trip when I run the microwave, TV, and vacuum at the same time. The closet the gas water heater is in will require upgrades. How much do you think it will cost me to be as green as your are?

By the way, that car you drive. Does it use gas or electric? Would you be OK with the City Council telling you what kind of car you can buy? And where do you work Mathew? Do you commute? What if our City Council imposed regulations that forced commuters to live near where they work? All for that? How many TV's in your house. Better be only one. Do you like to smoke? You better have enough wealth to live in a detached single family home because the city council has mandated that poor folks who can't afford a single family detached home can't smoke in their own home. Like to vape? City council banned flavors.

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