Dear Editor:

I settled in Pacifica, Calif., more than 30 years ago and I remember when the Chrysler Pacifica came out. I've always wondered if our City Council was ever consulted on the use of our city’s name? My guess would be no and it seems that no one said anything about it then, so now the issue is moot.

That being said, I couldn't help but think that my idea, which I am about to tell you about, would be an amazing marketing opportunity for Chrysler and for Pacifica.

One of the main tourist attractions on the coast in Northern California is the Pacifica Pier. Over the years the pier has worn down and needs a serious rebuild. What if Chrysler motors joined with the city and county on the project, working with local contractors and workers in an effort to not just rebuild the pier but help rebuild the economy? It would be in the media for all the years the project took to complete, and would forever be referred to as “the Chrysler Pacifica Pier.”

The pier is actually named the Herschel Harkins Pier after a man who helped make Pacifica the city it is today. It wouldn't need to be officially renamed for Chrysler, as it might appear ostentatious, but it would be referred to that way, and the story of how Chrysler stepped in to help a little town of 30,000 people on the coast repair its past and prepare for its future would be a story told every time someone walked on the pier.

It would be more than just an advertisement if you chose to pursue this. It would last for decades and it would raise the bar for other corporations to show their commitment to America’s working people.

Thank you so much for your time and your work with hybrid and electric cars. Your company is doing the right thing, and driving a Chrysler Pacifica is going in the right direction. That almost sounds like a slogan!

Michael Foley


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