Half Moon Bay City Councilman Joaquin Jimenez, Belinda Arriaga, assistant professor at the University of San Francisco and founder of the city's Latino Advisory Committee, and myself are community leaders of color in Half Moon Bay, and this election our vote for the San Mateo County District 3 Board of Supervisors role will go to Ray Mueller.

His track record in Menlo Park as a three-time elected official and his commitment to public service are impressive. His background as a legislator is a strength he would uniquely bring to this board. His familiarity with the issues and presence across on the Coastside are remarkable.

He brings a background in transportation and a vision to better integrate the Coastside with the rest of the county. He is willing to prioritize health equity on the Coastside and consider additional presence of health care facilities. He will advocate for better school funding and affordable high-quality child care on the Coastside.

He has an outstanding reputation and character: trustworthy, reliable and responsive. One of the few objections against his candidacy is that he is the sole white man in this race for a Board of Supervisors that is at risk of being made up of all white straight men. As community leaders of color, this was an important consideration! But, ultimately, in looking at the totality of his experience, record and character, we feel that Mueller is the best candidate to represent the voices in our community. He has the support of community leaders of color and longstanding relationships both on the Coastside and within county and state government.

We believe he will seek diverse perspectives so he can best represent the interests of all his stakeholders. Vote by June 7.

Aisha Baro

Coastside Families Taking Action

This version corrects Belinda Arriaga's title. 

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Ray Mueller gets my vote for Supervisor.

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